Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Noir empire

Huh. Two hours ago, it was boiling and I cursed myself for wearing jeans. Now, however, it's pouring bucketloads and I've changed into shorts. If the weather were a person I would be cheerfully screaming at it and bashing its head in as if it were a person who has woken me up at 6 am on one of my extremely rare sleep-in days, or worse still, "forgotten" to tell me I didn't need to turn up for work.

But enough of this bleak, black stuff. Bleak should be contained to British weather and black should be contained to textual genres named after its French cousin. Yes, I'm talking about YOU, noir.

Regardez, mes amis. Et maintenant, je dois voir le Gossip Girl!

You know you love me (and my horrible French).

Friday, March 21, 2008

Chocolate manna from Heaven

Look, I know manna was something along the lines of honey and bread or something. And I'm not saying it should have been chocolate, or cinnamon buns, or anything else for that matter. But that doesn't mean I can't imagine beautifully foiled Lindt or Godiva chocolate eggs dropping from the sky and right into my mouth. No, indeed.

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Images courtesy of Indigo Boutigue.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Blog Watch: While you were sleeping...

Well, I wasn’t sleeping. Instead I was trawling the web because I’m a web-aholic and was staying up when I should have been sleeping.

But. While I was being strangely addicted to the net (okay, okay, it was the shopping sites that got me. Those things should be banned from people with credit cards and a shpping addiction. But then they wouldn’t make money, so it’d be a lose-lose situation… you know what? I think I’ll shut up now.) I found the following out from sources other than Wikipedia:

1. Kate Moss is shorter than Miranda Kerr. I do not know why I didn’t know that – perhaps because I’m short, and therefore don’t distinguish between people taller than me since I can’t really see up there anyway?

2. Fug madness is possibly one of the most fulfilling yes strangely unproductive ways to fill in time…

3. Playing online tag is a nice, fun and friendly way of stalking…

4. My nail polish collection is nowhere near completion…

5. The Daily Telegraph’s Sydney Confidential spends an awful lot of time online too (and desperately trying to pretend it’s work-related)

Thank goodness for YSL’s Touche Eclat.

xx and have a good Easter break!

Image courtesy of Midori USA

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Break in those dancin' shoes

I've got a slightly weird way of breaking in my shoes. See, what I do is put on my brand spanking-new shoes, make sure my door is shut, pump up the music and dance. Hip hop, house, whatever I feel like.
Right now though, I'm ADORING Fred Astaire. If you're blue, and you don't know what to do, [insert Fred Astaire-like words), puttin' on the ritz... dum, dum, dum... >glances around surreptitiously<

And yes, each time, I hope no one's caught me.

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Images courtesy of Wittner Shoes Australia, Mollini and Shoobiz.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


So you think you can dance? Good, I'm glad you think so, because chances are probably no one else does. But here's some accessories that will probably help convince them... oh, and am I the only one who thinks post-haircut Henry is SO DAMN HOT????
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Images courtesy of Wittner, Witchery, DCK Australia, Equip Accessories, Sportsgirl.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Alice McCall for Topshop

J'ADORE Alice McCall. Who doesn't? Her designs are cute, punky, original and chock-full of attitude. Okay, so she dropped a little in my yummy-meter with Gracie, her diffusion line for General Pants, because the line was just so cute and mainstream I thought Hello Kitty was a dose of savoury in Gracie's sugary little world.

But. She has TOTALLY redeemed herself with a new diffusion line, this time for the totally rockin' Topshop in the UK. If this were the worm used during the Rudd/Howard debate in last year's federal election, it would be skyrocketing right now.

Enjoy. Click to enlarge, as usual.

Images courtesy of Style PS and Vogue UK

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Look, there's no doubt about it: YSL's Le Smoking is the sex. If it were a person, I would rape it.

It'd have to be classy rape of course, so you know, I'd take it to a classy bar and spike its fancy cocktail, then carry it back to some swishy 5-star hotel and rape it on those awesomely soft and big beds hotels have.*

But it's not a person, and so I shall have to console myself by putting together a spread of my fav. classic-yet-unique-and-sexy items in stores now. >licks lips<

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Images courtesy of Nine West Australia, Country Road Clothing Australia, Mollini, Kookai Australia, Mimco and French Connection Australia.

*Note: this is PURELY HYPOTHETICAL. I do not condone rape in any fashion, I am just saying that Le Smoking is sexy.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Blog Watch!!

This week ( and last, sorry!):

Fruity Beauty discovers she's been applying her blush all wrong, and learns how to apply it correctly and look younger, fresher and awesome-r...

Girl With a Satchel discusses cover rehab...

The Daily Cookie
(she is SO cute!) falls in love with Bobbi Brown's Nude Collection...

There's Japan in the air on the catwalks, as discussed by Chic Shopper...

And Glossed Over decides it's time to take a break >wipes tear<. Very sad indeed.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

There are so many puns you can make with Target

Indeed, there are. But I will refrain, and concentrate on the thing that's really got me excited - Target's new Limited Edition range.

Now I know many of you will be turning your noses skywards because it's Target - like gosh, my old and daggy mother shops there! (She knows I love her) I know, because I used to do it too and so did my boyfriend. But now I'm all like, "Let's go shopping at Target! You can pay!" to him. He's not quite as enthusiastic as me, and I have NO IDEA why. Target clothes are hot, and they keep on getting better.

Wearable? Tick. Quality? Tick. Gorgeous designs and colours? Tick. Looks like I paid more than I really did? Tick. Buy? Ticktickticktickticktick.

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Images courtesy of Target and Target Australia.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Purple's in the air

Follow the suspicious trail left by our purple monster here and eat up this season's yummiest colour:plum-alicious, magenta-yummy, lilac-lickin' purple.

Click to englarge. Images courtesy of Lucas Dawson, Witchery Australia, Kit Cosmetics and DCK Australia.


p.s. It looks like we've got the Australian magazine industry's answer to Gossip Girl... complete with xoxo and an air of mystery to boot.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Okay, so it has totally NOT been my fault I haven't been blogging... yes, uni, I blame YOU! >points finger in manner of US recruitment ad<
Anyway, so while you were sleeping (or not)...

Dotti literally popped up at L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival with preppy chic and Lady-of-the-manor-style elegance, complete with leather gloves and 20's style hats...(click to enlarge)

... and demonstrated a side perk of being a model - you get to stand on stage and rock out without actually having to play. Like Guitar Hero, but fifty times better.

Best outfit awards go to Martin Grant for his awesome take on metallics

and Shakuhachi for this gorgeous, awesome, sexy and somehow wearable but still unique and fashionable mama:

Awards for outfit-so-ugly-you-should-pay-ME-to-wear-it go to:
TV - what the HELL were they thinking??

and FrisonFinetti. Star Trek and communism are OVER, people!!

Best ranges:
Bettina Liano for sexy punk (I love the clothes so much I would totally marry them, except I think that's illegal)

and Gwendolynne (1) and Aurelio Costarella (2) for a refreshing dose of ethereal romance.

And last, but not least, Most Blatant Advertising Yet Still Fugly Award goes to >drumroll<...
Parade End! For their *subtle* use of Harper's Bazaar magazines.