Sunday, December 16, 2007

Time to make myself feel better

Yes, that's what resolutions are for. You realise your life is going down the drain, make a resolution, feel pro-active and like you're actually working towards a better you (which is what I'm trying to aim at) before failing your resolutions miserably, and realising life sucks.

This year, I am going to KEEP them!!

No, I don't say that every year. Why? Because I know I'm just going to forget. But I'm actually WRITING (somewhat) them down this year. Yay! :)

Plus, if I tell my boyfriend what they are this year, he'll only be too happy to help out.

1. Make-up ban.
Inspired by the beautiful Voguettes, I will ONLY buy what I need. And not twenty shades of all-too-similar looking blush or lipgloss. Only if I've finished what I've got.

2. Nail polish ban.
The bag that I keep my various nail polishes in is full. I am poor. Therefore, I will only buy new, prettiful colours when I have a) thrown out/finished what I've got in my bag and b) when I actually have money. Always a good start.*

3. Shopping - okay, so this year I tried "only buy things every other week" but it didn't work, mainly because I impulse buy a lot and could never remember if this week was a "shopping" week or not; and if I did, I would also splurge because I knew I wouldn't be able to buy anything until the week after next. Of course, then I'd forget the week after and only ended up spending twice as much money as I would've in the first place. So 2008 will be the year of the ruthless. Where I will realise that it's okay to re-use your outfits. And that mixing and matching is cool. And that I don't need new clothes every week.

4. I won't work so much. No working in shopping centre = less money spent (theoretically. It also means less money gained, but let's just try it first, eh?) Plus, I will be happier, more relaxed, and more likely to act drunk on a cup of red cordial. Boing!

* Also, two of the colours are EXACTLY THE SAME. One's Natio and one's el cheapo brand, but I bought two of the same shades and didn't even notice!! >hangs head in shame<

Friday, December 14, 2007

Oh. My. Gosh. I have found THE party look I want to recreate - pity I'm SICK and can't go out this weekend >curses<
Dishevelled, sexy, funky, glamorous, colourful and just screaming "I'm here to party", the look is also teaching me a lesson - if you want to do your hair and make-up all colourful and fancy, WEAR SIMPLE CLOTHES. Focus on your make-up/hair, or your clothes, or risk looking like a drag queen (something highly undesirable if it's not actually your AIM).

If you want to let loose with with colourful eyes, and more sparkles and glitter than a glo-mesh purse, feel free. I know I do. But just remember to pair it with simple tops, preferably cotton if you're going clubbing so the fabric lets you breeeaaaathe, and either so-cute-I-wanna-eat-you shorts or jeans.

I love: Inglot pigments (like MAC, but cheaper, without losing quality), Sportsgirl glitter eyeliner, either Country Road or Witchery tops and shorty shorts. I'm not much for jeans in a club, I get really hot and I want to take them off but we all know that would be taken the wrong way indeed.

Oh and don't forget accessorizing. I like to stick to plain bangles, Diva have some really hot ones at the moment in blue and silver, and the same set also come in cream and gold but those are on sale, so you'd either have to wait till after January or go to Castle Towers, yayyyy (hear the sarcasm?? hear it?). I don't see much point in spending big on accessories unless there's design I REALLY love, because I get bored of them so easily and anyway, I find Diva and Equip do a pretty decent job of copying Mimco and Dinosaur Designs. Plus, then I can save my money and spend it on CLOTHES :P :P

But sometimes I get a little shy, and start to have psychadelic nightmares that I look like a clown. In which case I wear my shiny metallic clothes that my boyfriend doesn't like, but which I don't give a DAMN about because I like them :P and keep the make-up and hair simple. Metallic fabrics are great, because they make you the life of the party and all you had to do was put the clothes on. Easy. Peasy.

Then you wear some black or brown eyeliner, mascara if, unlike me, you actually HAVE lashes to build on, a bit of blush and some shiiiny lipgloss et voila!

Highly recommended for this second option: Blush - Covergirl TruBlend in 430 Shimmering Sands. It's soft, powdery and lightly shimmery too, and you can build up the colour. I like it because it highlights my cheeks without making me look sunburnt :) unlike their bronzers which make me look like the personification of a dirty orange, but that's another story.

As for lipglosses, my current favourites are Inglot lipglosses because they taste like SUGAR (but, funnily enough, don't last too long), Dior ones because they're moisturizing and feel like silk on your lips, and ModelCo Liplights. The ModelCo ones have a little light that switches on when you open the gloss and a mirror on the side, so you can re-apply on the dancefloor. They're a little sticky, but not, thank goodness, as sticky as MAC lipglasses, and they last long, but the best part is seeing your friends startng at it like a rabbit caught in a headlight, and repeating to themselves "woahhh... it's got a light... woahhh". Heheheh. It's so amusing.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Road Taken

Yeah, I haven't posted in a while. There aren't any excuses left - apart from maybe I've been too busy at my new job at Country Road? :P

The funny thing is, before I started, I'd been in there only TWICE before in my life - both times to buy those excessively mainstream tote bags, and neither times for me. The customers have serious issues (SOME of them that is - the rest of them are beautiful lovely people who I would serve ANY day) but the clothes are nice and the workers are hilarious, I don't love them yet but I probably will soon.

So that's one thing --> if you're a nice customer, you'll be more likely to get more out of your sales assistant.

The second thing is, because the clothes are so great, and I think to myself *discount! discount!* I spend ALL MY PAY THERE. Seriously. They might as well just dole the clothes out to me, instead of bothering to put it through my bank account, only for me to spend it there anyway. It's even worse in summer because the clothes are so damn comfy in the heat. Arrrgh!

Anyway, so I LOVE LOVE LOVE the flower-print dress in the middle (below) - tunic hem, very cute, also comes in a cami, beautiful feel to the fabric - trust me, I'd know. I also adorrrre the metallic skirt second from the end, but haven't bought it because I have a not-quite-the-same-but-too-similar-to-justify-buying-a-new-one skirt from Blue Juice.

The clear plastic tote on the bottom is SO DAMN GOOD for the beach - and for once, I don't have to be upset when I find a crumby ('scuse the pun) mix of Doritos, pretzels and sand at the bottom of my bad. Or when the sunscreen decides to spill itself everywhere. And with a nice, fluffy towel in there, I can hide my wallet under it when I'm walking, or if I go in the water I just chuck the towel on top. No worries about its transparency. At least I can find everything :P


p.s. Nothing wrong with Country Road bags - if you need 'em. But please don't carry a mostly empty one everywhere, just because it's a Country Road bag.