Sunday, December 16, 2007

Time to make myself feel better

Yes, that's what resolutions are for. You realise your life is going down the drain, make a resolution, feel pro-active and like you're actually working towards a better you (which is what I'm trying to aim at) before failing your resolutions miserably, and realising life sucks.

This year, I am going to KEEP them!!

No, I don't say that every year. Why? Because I know I'm just going to forget. But I'm actually WRITING (somewhat) them down this year. Yay! :)

Plus, if I tell my boyfriend what they are this year, he'll only be too happy to help out.

1. Make-up ban.
Inspired by the beautiful Voguettes, I will ONLY buy what I need. And not twenty shades of all-too-similar looking blush or lipgloss. Only if I've finished what I've got.

2. Nail polish ban.
The bag that I keep my various nail polishes in is full. I am poor. Therefore, I will only buy new, prettiful colours when I have a) thrown out/finished what I've got in my bag and b) when I actually have money. Always a good start.*

3. Shopping - okay, so this year I tried "only buy things every other week" but it didn't work, mainly because I impulse buy a lot and could never remember if this week was a "shopping" week or not; and if I did, I would also splurge because I knew I wouldn't be able to buy anything until the week after next. Of course, then I'd forget the week after and only ended up spending twice as much money as I would've in the first place. So 2008 will be the year of the ruthless. Where I will realise that it's okay to re-use your outfits. And that mixing and matching is cool. And that I don't need new clothes every week.

4. I won't work so much. No working in shopping centre = less money spent (theoretically. It also means less money gained, but let's just try it first, eh?) Plus, I will be happier, more relaxed, and more likely to act drunk on a cup of red cordial. Boing!

* Also, two of the colours are EXACTLY THE SAME. One's Natio and one's el cheapo brand, but I bought two of the same shades and didn't even notice!! >hangs head in shame<