Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fashion Week Q & A

Yeah, alright, as if you haven't heard enough of Fashion Week. I love it too guys, I'd just rather you save on all the time and effort it takes to report back to me and just SEND ME THERE.

Much easier, no?

But of course the easiest solution is always ignored. >sigh< Maybe next time. Until then, the next best thing: a fun Q & A spread with some of the designers. Click to enlarge.

xx and enjoy the long weekend!

p.s. All images and text courtesy of Vogue Australia. For more talking with designers, clink on the link here.

Hot to trot

When someone says "knit", I always have this image of a cute li'l granny knitting while swinging back and forth in her rocking chair on her front porch. And for some reason, the end product is always a baby blanket. Which means I previously couldn't give a stuff about knitting because, quite simply, baby blankets have nothing to do with me.

But then I realised - hey wait! Knits can mean clothes! Knits can mean warm and non-frumpy! And non-50 +! (Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's fine if you are over fifty, but I'm not. Not age appropriate, you see?)

So here are my favourite knit dresses. Big, chunky cardies are in too - but first we need some clothes underneath.


Images courtesy of, Viva La Frock and Peter Alexander.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Blog Watch!!

This week:

Stuff that I Bought that You Should Buy Too discovers the truth behind Playboy makeup and also imagines Hugh Hefner in a bunny suit (Argh, the image! Old men, no matter how healthy or wealthy they are, should stay out of anything even remotely revealing)...

Fashion is Spinach gives us details on what sounds like an insanely awesome vintage shopping spree (and makes me envious that it's spring in NY, and dreary ol' autumn here)...

The Daily Cookie gives a helpful tute on how to apply false eyelashes...

and Girl With a Satchel looks at body and health issues in the girly media lately.


P.S. Check out this photo of Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. She looks hot, yes? Hell, no wonder he married her. Or maybe it's just the dress...

Image courtesy of

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Primp it!

Zoe Foster, she of the highly amusing Fruity Beauty blog and also Harper's Bazaar, has announced that she will be editor-in-chief of new beauty website

The "go-to for the how-to in beauty" will be launched in July.

With other supremely awesome people such as Nick Waterman, Marguerite Kramer (former ACP online editorial director*) and Yasemin Turker (formerly of Famous), Zoe says that it's going to be a "a web portal (blogs, news, reviews, tips, tricks, interviews, videos, all manner of online magnificence) dedicated entirely to beauty in all of its glorious forms" and "more fun than pretty much anything you can think of that is really, really fun".

More fun than ice cream or laser tag or laughing at the people stuck in traffic on the other side of the road when your side is cruising just fine? (Yes, some people might call that last one "cruel".)

If Fruity Beauty is anything to go by, it will be. I've only seen the homepage and I'm already hearting it. Damn those pretty colours.


*A quick Google search reveals that Marguerite Kramer was the awesome person behind,,, Geez, woman, stop over-acheiving already.

Image courtesy of Sephora

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Road to luxury


News flash: Silk, once the domain of the rich*, is now affordable. Read it and weep (for joy) - AFFORDABLE.

Which means that silk is no longer just for rich people who drive really fancy cars and who get paranoid that these really fancy cars will get scratched by a sullen teenager who wishes the fancy car was theirs.

No, silk is for me. And you. In the manner of Colette Dinnigan silk lingerie under $50 and Forever New silk blouses under $100.

But that doesn't mean I won't feel rich. You just wait - one day that Audi convertible will be mine.

Click to enlarge as usual.


P.s. See more gorgeous silkiness at I am Fashion as they lust after Lanvin. Me too, sisters, me too.

*Okay, so at least 500 years ago. But it's still got the luxury tag stuck to it.

Images courtesy of,, Forever New Australia and JC Penney.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Blog Watch!!

This week:

4 inch heels only warns of the peril of freebies ...

Girl with a Satchel reviews Harper's Bazaar - the luxury edition...

the Go Fug Yourself girls unearth what is actually a really scary pic of Kate Hudson - odd, considering how gorgeous she normally looks...

and Who What Wear Daily do a gorgeous spread on Marimekko's collaboration with H & M

H & M... shopping spree... >drifts away dreamily<

Till next time, lovers!


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stock up on stockings

I am loving, LOVING opaques at the moment. Unfortunately, they're a bit dressy to wear in my situation, and the whole flower-hippy-dress-so-obviously-from-Vinnie's-but-you'll-say-it's-from-Glebe-Markets + tights combo really isn't my thing

>takes a deep breath<

Anyway. In a nutshell: Levante and Leona Edmiston are my opaque stocking lovers, but I hear Country Road and Witchery do nice, affordable, good quality versions too. Country Road is also on sale at the moment >cackles with glee<.

Okay, my tight-arse blood is showing itself now.


Click to enlarge!

From left to right:
1. Voodoo Lavish opaque tights $17.95
2. Falke cotton touch tights $31.46 from
3. Leona Edmiston luxury opaques $24.95

Images courtesy of,, Youtube, Barkins and

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy April Fools!

No prank here, but I thought I'd say it anyway. Hey, least it's better than "A pinch and a punch for the first of the month, no-returns-full-stop-ow! You can't do that, I said NO RETURNS, FULL STOP! Skank."

Also, because I've been horribly neglectful and busy-ful, I shall post two spreads, both which completely contradict each other. The first, "Bow to a Classic", celebrates my love for all things classy, elegant and lady-like with no less than thirteen items featuring, funnily enough, a bow.

The second, "Museum of Modern Belts", was inspired both by the statement belt and the fact that the hilarious acronym of Museum of Modern Art "MoMA" was stuck in my head and this seemed the only way I could get it out. Well, it worked. MoMB is nowhere near as catchy. But, thank goodness, is still just as sexy.

xx my lovers!

Bow to a Classic

Clockwise from top left:
1. MINT jodi arnold Silk Assymetric Top $380
2. David Szeto Easy Leopard Blouse $741
3. Witchery Spot Spliced Puff Sleeve Knit $89.98
4. Witchery Contrast Bow Blouse $139.95
5. Topshop Stripe Boatneck Frill Blouse $55
6. Peeptoe Shoes Miss Alice $220
7. Bardot Wet Look Crinkle Shirt $79.95
8. Nicola Finetti Bow Dress $305
9. Hussy LA Dream Top $229 and Soho Skirt $219
10. Topshop Contrast Tie Blouse $71
11. Peeptoe Shoes Miss Kyren $100 (on sale)
12. French Connection Veronica Cotton Shirt $89.95

Images courtesy of their respective stores, Net-a-Porter and Fashion Era. Prices for overseas items have already been converted.

Museum of Modern Belts

1. Sportsgirl Metal Disc Belt $19.95
2. Sportsgirl Stretch Metal X Belt $39.95
3. Missoni Wood and Jewel Embellished Belt $755
4. Bardot Chain Look Belt $29.95
5. Chloé Sue Leather Belt $522
6. Luxe Accessories Claudia Belt $60
7. French Connection Pollyanna Hipster Belt $29.95
8. French Connection Mount Mascal Belt $79.95
9. Urban Originals Screen Goddess Belt $40 (on sale)
10. Topshop Patent Wasit Belt $44
Center: Wood Buckle Belt $89, Rib Knit Scarf $99, Gloves $49, Trench Coat $399, all Marcs

Artworks left to right:
1. Stephen Antonakos. Incomplete Circle (five-unit drawing with blue and red incomplete circles). 1975
2. Ron Arad. FPE (Fantastic, Plastic, Elastic) Chair. 1997
3. Jean-Michel Atlan. Realm. (1957)
4. Jo Baer Sex Symbol. 1961
5. Ergonomi Design Gruppen, Maria Benktzon, Håkan Bergkvist and Sven-Eric Juhlin. Adjustable Spoons. 1986

Images courtesy of MoMA, Sportsgirl,, Bardot, Luxe Accessories, French Connection Australia, Urban Originals and Topshop. All overseas prices have been converted to AUD.