Thursday, February 28, 2008

Warm me up

Imagine this: You’re wearing summer clothes, because, well, it’s the middle of summer. But suddenly, it’s overcast. A drop falls on your face, and then another one, and another, and more now, each getting colder and colder. You’re wet and the wind decides to blow, leaving you icy and freezing under your flimsy summer clothes. And all you want… is a coat.

So check out these babies by clicking on the image to expand. Or, you could just get a hot chocolate.

Images courtesy of Sportsgirl Australia, Cotton On, Manning Cartell, Country Road Australia, Pilgrim Clothing and Montmartre photo blog.

Blog Watch!!

Because we ALL need something to pass the time at work... (No, NOT actual work... procastinating on the internet!!)

Okay so this week:
GFY compares Kerri Washington’s dress to a children’s book…

Girl with a satchel
reviews Madison…

15 minute beauty unveils a beautiful spring look by Shu Uemera for us to try in the last vestiges of summer…

Fruity Beauty
enters into sci-fi with the news that Lancome have created artificial human skin so they don’t need to test on animals…

All Lacquered Up convinces me to buy the entire OPI India collection…

Fashion is Spinach
does an excellent review of brands J.Crew, Gap and Banana Republic…

Glossed Over dissects US Harper’s Bazaar’s justification of why we pay so fricken’ much for clothing…

Specktra gives us a few How-to’s…

Never Shopped Out brings the v. exciting news that Forever 21 now ships to Australia…

and Sugar Shock discusses Fall ’08 runway make up!

More later, lovers. Until then…


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

La Scarf Dolce

On reviewing their Autumn/Winter Collection 08/09, Signors Dolce and Gabbana might have had a conversation like this:

"Domenico! This is boring, what I see. The man pants are not enough for these women. It is not flamboyant, captivating enough. The models are bored already. What can we do to brighten their day?"
"Stefano, mio amico, what we need is SCARVES! Bright, multicoloured SCARVES. Brilliant, si?"

Siiiii, you say. Because scarves are not only GORGEOUS, they are COLOURFUL and bring interest to the dreary winter colour palette of gloomy neutrals, and best of all, they're PRACTICAL!! You never thought fashion could be this smart, eh?

Click to enlarge the image below. Images courtesy of Sportsgirl, Witchery and Chris Moore via Getty images.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscar is a Sesame Street character

I think people would be much happier if they were given a Sesame Street character rather than a little golden man. I mean, Sesame Street = childhood = happiness (generally speaking), whereas little gold man = award for creating an alternate personality. Hmm. And they wonder why so many actors need psychiatrists?

Anyway, not that I have anything against acting. I do, however, have something against how boring the gowns were this year. There are only so many red, strapless/off-the-shoulder gowns one can take before it looks like a sea of red, where the actresses have all gotten into a cat fight and clawed the blood out of each other. Or taken snippets off the red carpet and stuck it onto themselves. RARRH.

Standouts (of the gowns, that is - who can be stuffed watching the entire ceremony when the results are up on the net anyway??) included:

The woman who is cool, awesome and ethereal without being a loony bat with her head in another world, Cate Blanchett. Five stars for wearing an awesome shade of midnight blue that contrasts strikingly with her skin, and for wearing a necklace that looks like she picked it up at the markets on her many exotic travels.

Marion Cotillard. I have always loved her, from the moment I saw her in Big Fish while "studying" the text for my HSC, not admiring the supreme French awesomeness of the antagonist's wife. And now - okay, so the dress has fish scales all over it, but it fits her well and she looks good without being too safe.

Nicole Kidman. For her gorgeous necklace that saves the boring black gown.

And finally, Anne Hathaway. Not for the gorgeous gown, or matching red lipstick, and not even because she's so damn pale she should be the spokesperson for the Cancer Council. The woman looks like she's forgotten what the sun looks like. Get some vitamin D, PLEASE, Anne!
No, she makes it on the list for being chatty and amiable and down-to-earth in the pre-Oscars media chat-up. A good personality can save everything, even ghosts. Thanks, Caspar!


Photos courtesy of

Friday, February 22, 2008

Runway make up 2

Click to enlarge, and check out this gorgeous look that I LOVE - watered down, of course. Use the pigments with a thin eyeshadow brush and line your eyes, keeping it thin on the bottom lash line and blending the edges so the colour's not as sharp.
And please, while you may not look like the two in the bottom-right-hand pic if you do your cheeks/lips a little, DON'T USE ANY MORE THAN YOU HAVE TO. Trust me. I have. And I've also gotten looks from people wondering why I was so far from the red-light district. Embarrassing, to say the least.

Photos courtesy of MAC cosmetics Australia,, the Beauty of Life blog, Revlon cosmetics and the Real and Only blog. Many thanks to them :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Runway make up

Someone once said/wrote/blogged that the best thing about Australia is that we can wear seasonal trends from overseas now. Good. Because the makeup looks from New York Fashion Week Fall were hotter-than-Justin-Timberlake and I want to wear them NOW. Here's the first one from Oscar de la Renta. Click to enlarge.

Photos courtesy of MAC Cosmetics Australia, Kit Cosmetics Australia, Napoleon Perdis Australia and the Beauty of Life blog.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Why I love Gossip Girl

Actually it's not hard to love Gossip Girl. E.g. despite discrepancies such as in last night's episode 'Hi, Society'...:
* Nate is so stressed he dances out of time at the debutante ball - real gentlemen don't do that.

* When Jenny tells Allison essentially that she hates the shoes Allison bought her because "the kids at school shop at Saks and Bendel's. I can't wear somebody else's old shoes!" doesn't she know that vintage is even better??

(okay and so this list is in no way a complete and accurate list of dodgy things the directors thought they could get away with while we were hypnotised by how rich and fabulous the characters are, because they were right, damn them!)

...the show still had its moments:

* When Blair and Nate make out while Chuck spots them, before they go into the bedroom? Totally juvenile, the way Nate raises his eyebrows. BOYS!

* Dan carrying Serena out at the end of the ball is the CUTEST THING ON TV EVER!!!!

Totally Obsessed with Gossip Girl

Monday, February 18, 2008

Magazines are shiny...

And I like shiny things. Which is probably why I don't have the same interest in newspapers (besides the fact that broadsheets are so large they're impossible to read without elbowing both passengers on either side of u on the train and having to apologise profusely before you return to your newspaper and do the same thing again).

At the moment: just finished reading the March issue of Vanity Fair.
Verdict: Definitely shiny. Awesome fold-out cover with a glamorous spread of "the 10 Fresh Faces of 2008" in John Galliano, the Ultimate Guide to the Oscars, "Ceremony or no ceremony" featuring cute boardgame 'High on Hollywood', photographs by Mario Testino and the 2008 Holly Portfolio 'Hitchcock Classics', with Keira Knightley, Charlize Theron, ScarJo, Javier Bardem and more.

Glamour and copious amounts of reading material for the plane to boot. Features include 'Jerry Weintraub Presents!', 'The Right Fluff: A Guy's Guide to Chick Flicks', and 'Mailer's Movie Madness'.

Buy it or not: Hey, if even little Miss Tight-Ass here would buy it, it's gotta be worth it, aye?

One half of the duo Hamish and Andy said today that he doesn't like leggings worn as pants "because it's confusing - the top half is all casual, and the bottom half is Flashdance." Indeed.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Chinese New Year in Hong Kong!!

Things I hate about Hong Kong & Macau:

* Showering without being able to have the showerhead over you. Recipe for freezing to death, no?

* How rude some of the people are. The shop assistants too.

* The pollution and how it makes every day a gloomy, cloudy day.

Things I [s2]:

* Chinese New Year - the flower markets the night before and their absolutely hilarious inflatable toys and soft toys, the lai see (red packets), the food, the atmosphere.

* The European department and chain stores - Marks & Spencer, H & M, Zara - and the fact that cheapo stores are right around the corner.

* The way my grandfather picks up the phone: "waiiiiiiiiiiiiii?" Seriously, I have not heard someone EVER say "wai" or "hello" THAT LONG.

* The food - the smelly tofu (tastes a LOT better than it sounds), the fishballs, the chestnuts, the fresh custard tarts with delicious butter pastry that crumbles in your mouth, the lightly spiced pork chop buns with toasted fresh bread on a freezing, blistery Macanese day.

* The awesome sightseeing in Macau.

* How CHEAP magazines are there!!!! On average, $4 AUD for a local mag, $10AUD for international. Arrrgggh!!!

And no, you don't need to ask if I went on a shopping spree. :P :P

Friday, February 1, 2008

Damn Sportsgirl and their catchy phrases

THANK GOODNESS it's no longer 35 degrees C outside!! How the freak am I meant to get excited about elegant winter fashion and all those cosy, yummy, snugalicious layers if it's boiling???

Thank you, weather, for taking fashion into consideration. It's colder today, and therefore I am now in the right mood to browse Sportsgirl's winter catalogue, most of which isn't in store yet but promises some delightful styles.

I am hearting:

their dark, shiny metallic nailpolishes (as if I wouldn't! Is it possible to have a nailpolish fetish??)

their shoeboots - man, that word is fun to say! sh-boots. shooo-boots. shbots.

their patterned stockings a la Gossip Girl. I can get more wear out of my shorty shorts with these classic schoolgirl delights! Yay!

their vests - but NOT over flannel shirts. >shudders< Was there ever a more bogan combination??

Love the colours featured this season too - dark green, burgundy (wine, anyone?), folksy caramel brown, and midnight blue. Now to get myself some money so I can BUY IT ALL UP!!!