Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Road to luxury


News flash: Silk, once the domain of the rich*, is now affordable. Read it and weep (for joy) - AFFORDABLE.

Which means that silk is no longer just for rich people who drive really fancy cars and who get paranoid that these really fancy cars will get scratched by a sullen teenager who wishes the fancy car was theirs.

No, silk is for me. And you. In the manner of Colette Dinnigan silk lingerie under $50 and Forever New silk blouses under $100.

But that doesn't mean I won't feel rich. You just wait - one day that Audi convertible will be mine.

Click to enlarge as usual.


P.s. See more gorgeous silkiness at I am Fashion as they lust after Lanvin. Me too, sisters, me too.

*Okay, so at least 500 years ago. But it's still got the luxury tag stuck to it.

Images courtesy of,, Forever New Australia and JC Penney.


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