Saturday, June 28, 2008

Caffeine addict

You know, if I could separate food and fashion, there is a 40 per cent chance that I would not only be able to fit into my clothes better, but that my clothes might be cleaner - it's actually scientifically proven that white cotton and red wine/Coke/orange juice/anything with staining potential are attracted to each other (Plausible? Yes. True? If you think that gullible isn't in the dictionary.)

But coffee - coffee is a different story, my friends. It cannot be separated. How else do you think everyone manages to stay so skinny and AWAKE in the industry? It's not those "eight" glasses of water a day - and they don't sell V overseas.

What's more, no coffee = a massive chunk of the colour wheel gone MIA. Espresso, mocha and latte with a dash of caramel and cream - colours that would exist, but not in the same way we look at them thanks to coffee. So enjoy this spread that's filled with all these lovely rich colours. And get a coffee (although I highly suggest waiting till tomorrow morning - coffee now is like arriving at the toll booth with fifty cents in your wallet. NOT GOOD.).

Click to enlarge.


P.s. More work exp stuff soon!

Images:,, Mollini, Witchery Fashions, Jo Malone, Skullbulb, Perlekes via Deviantart.


blaakkee. said...

cant agree with you more about coffee.


and i absolutely adore those badges!


Marina said...

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Ida said...

Did you make the collage? Looks like it came straight out of a magazine. Super cool!

Way Existential said...

Haha what a great post. I don't know whether I like coffee in the form of the delicious much-needed morning pick-me-up drink, or as the colour of those gorgeous pieces in the collage - especially that Witchery bag. :)

Maverick said...

Hmm, I'm a chai person :D Your blog is so cute, too :)

And, PS I love that bag!!

xoxo, mavi

Anonymous said...

coffee:) lovely page!

Justine said...

Mmm, coffee. Shoes, Bag and Coffee. I'd be happy with just those. No staining. Great selections!