Friday, October 5, 2007

Beach to Bargain

Hrm, so for some reason, no matter how determined I am to NOT go shopping, as soon as someone mentions the word 'Bondi' I start plotting which shops I plan to hit first. Serious sign of a shopaholic? Or serious self-image issues? Probably both, but let's leave that for later. Psycho-analysis is boring, shopping is FUN!

So anyway. YES I hit Bondi today. YES I bought something. And YES there are 5 million and two other things that I really, really want but am too poor to afford (believe me, it sucks).

NUMBER ONE ON THE LIST: Silver T-bar 'U Thong' sandals from Wittner $109.95 (I know, horrible name. I wonder who makes up the names?? I wonder if someone's job is to just sit there and come up with names. That'd be hilarious, hee hee hee.)

NUMBER TWO: A shimmery, almost-nude, pale pink colour like OPI Nailpolish 'Hearts & Tarts'. Yummm. Elegant but different.

NUMBER THREE: EVERYTHING in Kookai Bondi Junction. I want to live in the store!! (Of course, I also want to buy a nightclub and live there - with the current property rates in Sydney, buying Kookai and the nightclub might actually be cheaper).

NUMBER FOUR: Shiny dark-blue metallic Havaianas. But first, I need to actually find them in my size. Grrr. =.=

Oh yeah! And they have CUSTOM HAVAIANAS now!! Check it out at General Pants Bondi - you pretty much choose the base colour and the straps at the top. I like my thongs to be one solid colour though, so so much for playing with that >sigh<.
So anyway, the list goes on, but a girl can only save up for a few things at once... after all, I DO have to save money for impulse purchases.

p.s. I am quite aware that this sort of spending and materialism is bad. OH WELL.