Sunday, October 7, 2007

Watch out for: Transeasonal Collections

When: 9-11 October 2007

What: Rosemount Australian Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2008 Collections

Where: Sydney (yay!)

Who: Invitation Only - but apparently most of the big names won't be showing and many fashion editors won't be there either, since it's so soon after the European shows.

I think it's nice to keep an eye on things locally though, because while the fashion overseas is great, YOU LIVE HERE. And if you started transposing ideas from overseas here, you'd be, well, a little out-of-place. It's all about the now, not the future (and in Australia's case, for some reason this happens to be three or four months in the future, a rather long time in fashion-speak) - because by the time it's the future, no one will remember anymore.

Anyway, keep an eye out for this fellow, Daniel Avakian. His designs are hot, and you never know - he might end up like sass & bide, and in a few years, his clothes will be ricocheting off the walls because they'll be too hot to handle.

Daniel Avakian and one of his designs - don't tell me it's not hot.


Hester said...

hi...the dresses r really good...something stylish