Sunday, November 18, 2007

More gifts (for myself)

So they're in the 'great gift idea' section. So the website suggests to buy it for the dear lovelies in your life. But I really, really want them... for myself.

And so what? I work in retail, and it's seriously not uncommon (whee double negatives) for people to come in and guiltily admit to me that they meant to buy a gift, and ended up spending twice as much on themselves. Cheers for human nature.

It makes sense though. I'm sure no one needs me to tell them how hard it is shopping for your Aunty who lives overseas whom you haven't seen since everyone was still scared of the Y2K bug. But it's WAY easier to find stuff for yourself, because you KNOW what you like.

And DAMN STRAIGHT I know what I like. My mother is going to America in two weeks, which means cosmetics that are only two hours' worth of wages, as opposed to ten (go slave labour!), yayyy!! AND the upcoming holiday season (not sure which holiday? Check out your local Westfield. You SERIOUSLY can't miss it) means that adorable little gift sets are making their way to store fronts for me to pet because they're SO DAMN CUTE.

Sephora, my inner beauty-holic's grog shop, is the source of most my shopping list. Damn them! Let's just say that my credit card and bank account would like to thank the lovely people at for refusing to ship internationally.

1. Cargo Bronzing Kit $35 USD at Sephora, valued at $59 AUD by beautyheaven.

Bronzing Kit includes CARGO's best-selling and award-winning Medium Bronzer, professional quality powder/bronzing brush, PurseGloss™ in Baja (exclusive to this kit), and the brand new EyeBronzer, in a reusable gift tin.

Perfect for summer, no?

2. Nars the Multiple (Orgasm) $36.50 USD at Sephora, $85 AUD at Mecca Cosmetica
But the savings are sooo worth it!

A multi-purpose stick for eyes, cheeks, lips and body. Its unique lightweight, cream-to-powder formula blends effortlessly to provide sheer all-over color, shimmering accents, contours and dynamic highlights for all skin tones. Creates perfect, glowing complexions and is conveniently designed for failproof application.

3. Sephora Supermodel Kit $79 USD, unavailable in Australia, but individually: Stila Lip Glaze $45 AUD at Mecca Cosmetica, Diorshow mascara $32-$42 AUD already. My Asian side is revealing itself, I know, but as a friend said, it's hard to put off centuries of hereditary Asian stinginess.

A glamourous gift set filled with products used by Sephora makeup artists for Fashion Week Live.
Set includes a Stila Lip Glaze in Brown Sugar, Make Up For Ever Diamond Shadow in Diamond Black 307, Smashbox Mini Travel Photo Finish Foundation Primer in Original, Smashbox O-GLOW, Dior Diorshow Mascara in Black 090, Sephora Blush Me! Mono in Abricot Plaisir 6, all in a chic black sequined Sephora Brand clutch.

And you just wait... there IS more... a LOT more... I'm just sleepy :P