Friday, November 9, 2007

'Tis the time to get me some MONEY

Only to buy gifts, of course. I'm serious. I LOVE this time of year, everything is cuter-than-a-cupcake and it's great!! BUT. One issue - limited funds. While I would love to buy my boyfriend a car, and fill it up with clothes, electronic goods, sporting goods and everything he [hearts], I really can't afford it. ONE piece of clothing is more like it.
SO. Here are my imaginary gifts for imaginary people to pay with non-imaginary money. They are cheap, they are chic, and thank goodness, NOT TRASHY!!!

1. Silver "LOVE" Spinner Necklace $19.95 from Witchery
THIS IS SO COOL. You give it a flick of your finger and if you focus on the pendant, you can see the word 'love' appearing!! This necklace = endless hours of amusement.

2. Silver Mirror Compact $19.95 from Witchery
Not quite up there in the cool stakes, but it's shiiiiiny. And $5 is donated to charity if you buy one. Like, as IF you could get better than that.

3. All Natural Chocolate Lip Balm $9.95 from Kit Cosmetics
HELLO! Chocolate!! >waves arms round like one of those yellow guys on aeroplane runways onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">

To bulk up the present a bit more (heheheh), throw in a chocolate bar or goodies from Darrell Lea. It looks more expensive :P :P.
Then head to the Reject Shop, buy a pack of tissue paper and a roll of ribbon which will last you till the cows come home (the ribbon, that is), wrap it up and neatly and VOILA!! A present that looks like it cost u five times more than it actually did. AND it looks cute. AND - it (hopefully) makes the person happy :)

P.S. IF YOU'RE NOT SURE ABOUT A GIFT, REMEMBER TO CHECK OUT THE STORE'S RETURN/EXCHANGE POLICY FOR GIFTS!!! And to make it easier, DON'T remove the barcode if you can help it - this works well with jewellery and clothes etc... if you want to flaunt the brand or something. Just black out the price with a permanent marker :)