Sunday, January 13, 2008

Love vs. Lust

I thank my stars every day that I have a beautiful boyfriend whom I am in LOVE with, and that I won't have to endure years of relationships with boys who are indeed lust-worthy, but aren't really worthy of my love. That I won't have to enter a relationship with someone based purely on the fact that his muscles are hot (and yes, a friend nearly did that. Me: He's a sleaze Her: But look at his muscles! >sigh<). That I won't grow bored of these men, and suddenly wake up wondering what the hell I'm doing with them.

Which is something I do with my purchases. See it. Lust it. Buy it. Happens more often than Britney Spears enters the news, and happens quicker than Lindsay Lohan's path from sober to trashy drunk.

Then one day I look at it and it's like, What the hell was I thinking? It's crap. It's fugly. And I've barely touched it in the month or so I've owned it. To the Salvos with ye!

But surely, if I've been thinking, dreaming, obsessing about one item for over a month, it's love? (Don't be silly. Of COURSE a month is a long time when you're talking things not people) And that therefore, I am allowed to buy it?

I mean, come ON. Every time I walk past the store, I nip in just to make sure it's there. On Boxing Day, I ran in, heart torn between wishing it was on sale, but hoping it wasn't because otherwise surely it would be gone because it is the most beautiful item ever. I'm POSITIVE that if I don't buy it, soon it will be gone... in the hands of other people who won't cherish it, love it, use it, be as proud of it as me. And it probably won't go on sale, because only ugly things go on sale between now and June. It's one of the Dumb Laws of Retail, of which there are many.

I totally think I deserve to buy this item. Now if only my money manager (aka boyfriend, in effort to curb spending) will let me buy it. What a cruel, heartless male indeed.