Thursday, March 20, 2008

Blog Watch: While you were sleeping...

Well, I wasn’t sleeping. Instead I was trawling the web because I’m a web-aholic and was staying up when I should have been sleeping.

But. While I was being strangely addicted to the net (okay, okay, it was the shopping sites that got me. Those things should be banned from people with credit cards and a shpping addiction. But then they wouldn’t make money, so it’d be a lose-lose situation… you know what? I think I’ll shut up now.) I found the following out from sources other than Wikipedia:

1. Kate Moss is shorter than Miranda Kerr. I do not know why I didn’t know that – perhaps because I’m short, and therefore don’t distinguish between people taller than me since I can’t really see up there anyway?

2. Fug madness is possibly one of the most fulfilling yes strangely unproductive ways to fill in time…

3. Playing online tag is a nice, fun and friendly way of stalking…

4. My nail polish collection is nowhere near completion…

5. The Daily Telegraph’s Sydney Confidential spends an awful lot of time online too (and desperately trying to pretend it’s work-related)

Thank goodness for YSL’s Touche Eclat.

xx and have a good Easter break!

Image courtesy of Midori USA