Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscar is a Sesame Street character

I think people would be much happier if they were given a Sesame Street character rather than a little golden man. I mean, Sesame Street = childhood = happiness (generally speaking), whereas little gold man = award for creating an alternate personality. Hmm. And they wonder why so many actors need psychiatrists?

Anyway, not that I have anything against acting. I do, however, have something against how boring the gowns were this year. There are only so many red, strapless/off-the-shoulder gowns one can take before it looks like a sea of red, where the actresses have all gotten into a cat fight and clawed the blood out of each other. Or taken snippets off the red carpet and stuck it onto themselves. RARRH.

Standouts (of the gowns, that is - who can be stuffed watching the entire ceremony when the results are up on the net anyway??) included:

The woman who is cool, awesome and ethereal without being a loony bat with her head in another world, Cate Blanchett. Five stars for wearing an awesome shade of midnight blue that contrasts strikingly with her skin, and for wearing a necklace that looks like she picked it up at the markets on her many exotic travels.

Marion Cotillard. I have always loved her, from the moment I saw her in Big Fish while "studying" the text for my HSC, not admiring the supreme French awesomeness of the antagonist's wife. And now - okay, so the dress has fish scales all over it, but it fits her well and she looks good without being too safe.

Nicole Kidman. For her gorgeous necklace that saves the boring black gown.

And finally, Anne Hathaway. Not for the gorgeous gown, or matching red lipstick, and not even because she's so damn pale she should be the spokesperson for the Cancer Council. The woman looks like she's forgotten what the sun looks like. Get some vitamin D, PLEASE, Anne!
No, she makes it on the list for being chatty and amiable and down-to-earth in the pre-Oscars media chat-up. A good personality can save everything, even ghosts. Thanks, Caspar!


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