Friday, February 1, 2008

Damn Sportsgirl and their catchy phrases

THANK GOODNESS it's no longer 35 degrees C outside!! How the freak am I meant to get excited about elegant winter fashion and all those cosy, yummy, snugalicious layers if it's boiling???

Thank you, weather, for taking fashion into consideration. It's colder today, and therefore I am now in the right mood to browse Sportsgirl's winter catalogue, most of which isn't in store yet but promises some delightful styles.

I am hearting:

their dark, shiny metallic nailpolishes (as if I wouldn't! Is it possible to have a nailpolish fetish??)

their shoeboots - man, that word is fun to say! sh-boots. shooo-boots. shbots.

their patterned stockings a la Gossip Girl. I can get more wear out of my shorty shorts with these classic schoolgirl delights! Yay!

their vests - but NOT over flannel shirts. >shudders< Was there ever a more bogan combination??

Love the colours featured this season too - dark green, burgundy (wine, anyone?), folksy caramel brown, and midnight blue. Now to get myself some money so I can BUY IT ALL UP!!!


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