Sunday, February 17, 2008

Chinese New Year in Hong Kong!!

Things I hate about Hong Kong & Macau:

* Showering without being able to have the showerhead over you. Recipe for freezing to death, no?

* How rude some of the people are. The shop assistants too.

* The pollution and how it makes every day a gloomy, cloudy day.

Things I [s2]:

* Chinese New Year - the flower markets the night before and their absolutely hilarious inflatable toys and soft toys, the lai see (red packets), the food, the atmosphere.

* The European department and chain stores - Marks & Spencer, H & M, Zara - and the fact that cheapo stores are right around the corner.

* The way my grandfather picks up the phone: "waiiiiiiiiiiiiii?" Seriously, I have not heard someone EVER say "wai" or "hello" THAT LONG.

* The food - the smelly tofu (tastes a LOT better than it sounds), the fishballs, the chestnuts, the fresh custard tarts with delicious butter pastry that crumbles in your mouth, the lightly spiced pork chop buns with toasted fresh bread on a freezing, blistery Macanese day.

* The awesome sightseeing in Macau.

* How CHEAP magazines are there!!!! On average, $4 AUD for a local mag, $10AUD for international. Arrrgggh!!!

And no, you don't need to ask if I went on a shopping spree. :P :P