Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Winter, already??

It is freakin' hot, humid and sticky outside. This is the sort of weather that is only good for one thing, and that is NOT thinking about what to wear this autumn/winter (actually, the one thing this weather is good for is thinking about ICE CREAM! I [heart] Gelatissimo).

But somehow Zimmermann has managed to distract me from thoughts of delicious dairy confections and woo me with their gorgeous Winter 08 collection (the fact that it's gotten cooler now may or may not have helped). Reminiscent of 70's boho, foho, soho, whatever-ho, I love the sultry prettiness of it all. The gorgeous fabrics, the cute bows in the hair, the pinky-peachy blush and a general juxtaposition of whimsy and sexiness are all delectable, and look like they'll be suitable medicine for the inevitable bout of winter blues.
I love the delicate layering under these first two, it keeps the vibe, so to speak of the dresses. This next one I'm not so sure about - it's kind a like they looked at the model and thought to themselves, "Crap. This girl's about to freeze to death," and gave her a yummy, warm turtleneck that clashes horribly with the wispiness of the Jap-inspired dress she's wearing on top.
And this dress is my absolute fav! The lines are interesting and again, contrast yet compliment the shape and feel of the delicate yet striking dress. It also comes in a skirt version, but that really does look like something i picked up out of my grandmother's old and musty wardrobe - and that's not exactly the "vintage reworked into a modern trend" vibe I'm going for.

And thank GOODNESS they didn't overdo the make-up! Close up of the first shot:
Unlike Shop Till You Drop this month. Unfortunately, my scanner sucks to high heaven, so I can't upload pics of the mag's "Hot Right Now" feature. Which is good. If you haven't already bought this month's magazine, and looked at that section (if you haven't read it yet, PLEASE skip it) then I've probably saved you a severe bout of banging your head and wondering why Shop picks the WORST pictures of some very stylish girls, where they seriously look like drug addicts, and then proceeds to tell us that they're style icons. Not in those pictures, honey.

The feature showcases Lou Doillon, Vanessa Paradis (the very lucky partner of Johnny Depp), Charlotte Gainsbourg and Tatiana Santa Domingo, and while I KNOW these girls are all very beautiful people, I don't know why they all look Really Ugly in this feature. If your subject is skinny, relatively pale, is wearing bright red lipstick and smudged black eyeliner, has otherwise-beautiful-but-somehow-not-here cheekbones and weird orange spots under their eyes, points their head down while staring up at the camera and then proceeds to be photographed with Horrible Lighting - then yes, the Subject will look like Paris Hilton and Marilyn Manson had a Very Dysfunctional lovechild. Oh, and the bag lady too, although how three people had one child I don't know. Perhaps modern science is catching up quicker than I thought.

But anyway. As I said, they are all beautiful women with gorgeous model-like bodies and cheekbones and eyes and whatever, but unfortunately for them, Shop picked the worst photos in the world and then proceeded to tell us we want to look like that. Thank goodness Zimmermann rescued the boho trend for me.

Oooh and now that I've totally finished my rant, I can rave about Madame Chan's in Balmain! It is one of those really awesome shops that LOOK expensive, FEEL expensive (the clothes, that is) and totally convince you that everything in here is worth hundreds of dollars EACH (which is expensive on a student budget, yes) - but ISN'T!! Beautiful, stylish clothes, with top quality service - the girl was very nice, friendly, chatty but not too pushy - all for under $100. Gorgeous metallic bags too. Definitely worth checking out - Madame Chan's, 317 Darling Street, Balmain, NSW 2041.