Monday, January 14, 2008

The wonders of nailpolish

I have an obsession with colour. No, really. My bedroom walls are lime green, grape purple and white. My diary is predominantly lime green, but not really, because it was red, dark green, orange, navy, light blue, turquoise and white stripes on it. My bedspread has purple, orange, coral and pink arranged in some sort of tequila sunrise.

Yes, colour and I have a very long-lasting, steamy and passionate affair.

Which is why I LOVE nailpolish. It is another one of my strange, pointless yet absolutely important new year's resolutions to Paint My Nails this year. See, because normally I only paint in summer. And I forget/don't have time to paint my nails in the middle of the year, which is sad, because that's probably when I need colour the most.

It keeps me happy. It's bright and uplifting. And here's the best part - I can wear whatever colour I damned well want!!!

As a recent school-leaver (okay, not so recent, but saying "recent" makes me feel young), I know what it's like to have to wear the Same Old Boring Thing five-friggin'-days-in-a-row. At both my retail jobs, there are only a few colours I can wear.

But. There aren't any rules on nailpolish.

Pink, coral, purple, bright blue - heck, any damned colour I want to wear. If I want to wear silver, I will. And no-one's going to stop me.